8 Types of Marketing Automation to Solidify Your Marketing Strategy

Using marketing automation, you can track leads’ first-touch, the moment they become qualified, and the journey to becoming a customer. Prove that your marketing efforts are driving revenue for your company. BenchmarkONE is sales and marketing software for small businesses and marketing agencies. We help agencies and small business owners propel relationships into sales with all-in-one CRM and marketing automation.
A robust email marketing platform which provides a collection of tools to generate higher quality leads. Ontraport has several done-for-you systems that allow you to kick off your marketing automation in a matter of minutes. The best part is, each prebuilt system comes with its own Setup Wizard that walks you through the process one step at a time.
While working on different projects and marketing campaigns, Nikita is always happy to share his knowledge and thoughts on current trends in the marketing field. These systems automatically pull data from your marketing databases, generating reports and offering insights into the overall marketing performance. The best way to get the maximum results from marketing automation is to ensure the whole team understands the ins and outs of the system with respect to your company’s objectives. 27% of organizations still see themselves as “new” to marketing automation. This is understandable because marketing automation is a broad concept, and every company has a unique automation strategy. While you might be excited to hit the ground running with marketing automation, you also do not want your team members to experience a sort of culture shock.
Build processes that work across different functional teams so you can reduce customer effort at every stage of the journey. Break through silos and work together to provide a unified customer experience right from the very first touch, all the way beyond the customer purchase. These workflows help drive qualified prospects to helpful content, resulting in warm leads that can then be nurtured thoughtfully into customers. With the customer at the center of the flywheel, businesses can continue to engage customers with personalized workflows that lead to loyal, repeat customers who refer their friends and family.
Take these factors into consideration when evaluating the needs of your business. At both of these price points, ActiveCampaign is an affordable option for small businesses. One of the best parts about ConvertKit is the pre-built automations.
With marketing automation, you can set up automatic upsell and cross-sell campaigns based on your customer’s previous purchases. The same applies to ecommerce businesses, the more you can use automated marketing to nurture your leads and move them further down the funnel, the more likely you’ll be able to score a customer. When you provide your customers with helpful and relevant content, you’ll be able to get them further down that funnel so your sales team do not have to intervene until the lead is fully qualified. At this point in time, it is almost impossible to imagine marketing without automation. In fact, three-quarters of all companies use marketing adoption and 76% of marketers see a positive ROI within just one year of implementing marketing automation . When all of the clean and compiled data is easily accessed at any time, sales and marketing teams can act more quickly.
It is possible to run both systems and keep them separate; in fact, for organizations that run legacy systems that don’t support integration, that may be their only option. Don’t have time to implement the software or build out an inbound marketing strategy? Digital Marketing of strategic marketers, developers, and designers are standing by to answer any questions you may have surrounding marketing automation software, inbound marketing, and beyond. By utilizing all available marketing automation software and tools, you can grow the amount of qualified leads coming to your website and close customers at a faster rate. “The best marketing automation software provides opportunities for marketers to reach prospects, leads, and customers at every stage of the funnel through any channel.”
Automate repetitive tasks between apps and build a best of breed marketing stack. Build loyal advocates by making every customer interaction memorable without the manual work. Send beautiful newsletters, provide proactive support, ask promoters to review your product, reduce churn and un-abandon carts with automated engagements. I hope I’ve managed to show you that marketing automation can generate high returns even if you don’t have a large team or budget.