20 School Fundraising Ideas That Work Every Year Bonfire

You can simply reach out to locations and let them know you are raising money for a local school. Band director Tenell Moore shares his passion for music every day with students in New Orleans. And even though funds are sometimes tight, he’s able to achieve his goal with what he calls the best band fundraiser around.
You can do this by sending out fliers and posting about it on social media. You should also reach out to local businesses and see if they’re interested in sponsoring the event. As an alternative, work with a local restaurant to donate a percentage of their profits for a specific time period to donate to the team(s).
Make sure to print out your order forms and present them to your group with ample time to run your fundraiser and receive delivery of pretzels. Pretzels take about 2 weeks to arrive once the order is placed and paid in full. ABC Fundraising® has the best Pretzel & Pizza fundraiser available! We offer the best Pizza and pretzel kits so that your supporters can have one of their favorite delicious treats at home.
Don’t forget to offer prizes for each milestone the students hit. And, to boost competition, consider positioning different years or classes against each other to find the reading champions. What better way to cross excitement, knowledge, and fundraising than by hosting a spelling bee? Combining education with a little friendly competition is sure to spell success for your school. Students can donate a small fee to attend the picnic during an extended lunch period.
Lastly, school fundraising can provide much-needed scholarships to kids who need them. Now there are high school fundraisers to collect change and raise money for your nonprofit. You can raise money by connecting with local businesses willing to ask all their customers to put their change towards your booster club. Find a few of your booster club members who are active online and ask them to start their own campaigns. Share stories and pictures of how you are helping the team and why others should donate.
Don’t forget to bring the popcorn and hot chocolate to tie the whole event together. By the time the spring semester rolls around, there’s nothing kids want more than to go outside and play. That’s why field days are great fundraising opportunities for elementary schools. You can set up classics like dodgeball and tug-of-war, rent a bounce house, or get splashing with some water games.